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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

“MLB Power with the USB”

 (Rob Kaminsky-St. Louis Cardinals 1st Round Draft Pick/Next Generation Training Center Athlete)

Let’s be honest, there is only two things that ALL baseball athletes must be concerned with:  Total Body Strength and Explosive Power.  Increasing these two areas will not only create a better baseball player, but will more importantly create a better athlete. 

Here are 6 exercises, with the Ultimate Sandbag, that are going to give you that MLB Power that you have been looking for:

1.     USB Rotational Lunge
The USB Rotational Lunge is a GAME CHANGER for us at Next Generation Training Center.  This move is a great way to develop flexibility in the hips, but also increase strength and mobility.  With the USB Rotational Lunge, we move in one plane and allow the weight to be moving in the other plane.

2.     USB Bear Hug Squat
Now this one is going to look easy and simple, but all I have to say is…WATCH OUT!!!  This exercise not only takes a lower body exercise and turns it into a total body exercise, but also puts the athlete in a perfect squat position, loads the right muscles, and builds flexibility.

3.     USB High Pull
The USB High Pull has become my replacement for Kettlebell Swings.  The USB High Pull is going to help us create power from our hips and is also the first step on teaching my athletes the Clean.

4.     USB Lateral Bag Drag
The USB Lateral Bag Drag is by far, my favorite exercise for training the Core.  This exercise will force you to stabilize the shoulder and integrate all segments of the body.  The key to this exercise is not to allow your hips rotate while you are bringing the USB across your body.

5.     USB Shouldering Lunge
The USB Shouldering position is one of the more challenging positions to perform a lunge with because of how unstable the USB is.  This position will not only challenge your legs, but also challenge your Core in a way that you never thought possible. 

6.     USB Shoveling
We use the USB Shoveling drill to teach our baseball athletes proper rotational patterns.  This is one drill that is guaranteed to get our baseball athletes hitting farther and throwing harder.