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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

“Real World CORE Training”

What is your definition of core training?

The meathead bodybuilders will tell you that sit-ups while holding a 45lb plate and on a decline bench is a great core exercise….

Ahhhhhh OK????

The functional fitness trainers will tell you that a great core exercise is a plank on a stability ball with a super band wrapped around your waist and allowing the trainer to pull you in a certain direction…

Ahhhhhh OK????

Now I am not knocking anyone who does these exercises…well OK…I am knocking anyone who does these exercises, but before we can discuss what type of Core training that I suggest…We first must understand what my definition of Core actually is:

Core – Everything below the neck.

Simple isn’t it.  Now that we all understand what the true definition of core really is, here are 3 exercises that I use at Next Generation Training Center to challenge my clients core:

TRX Regressed Rollouts

TRX Rollouts are a great choice for training the anterior core, but this exercise is also very difficult for most people.  In order to have our clients all perform this exercise, we have decided to regress the movement by allowing the clients to start on their knees.

Trainers Tip:  When setting up for the exercise, make sure that you adjust the straps so that they handles are right below your waist.

Ultimate Sandbag (USB) Lateral Bag Drag

This is one of my favorite exercises, its not just about throwing the bag across your body.  It is about moving the USB across your body, in a controlled manner, while not having any change in your body position.

Trainer Tip:  Weight is not your only variable in this exercise…Try working with tempo and lets not forget about you base, or foot position.  The closer your base is, the harder you are going to make the movement.


This is one exercise that I have added to my programming last week after I attended a TRX RIP Training Course.  The TRX RIP Stack is a great exercise because it challenges the stability of the Core in a manner that really surprised me.

Trainer Tip:  Just like we talked about in the USB Lateral Bag Drag, weight is not your only variable.  Your hand position can be moved closer to create more of a challenge to this exercise.  Another way that I like to challenge my clients is by having them hold the Stack position for 10 seconds and than with the top of the RIP Trainer, have them write their name in the air.  This will really make them understand what the true definition of core training is.