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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Attention All Ladies...This Just In...It's Okay to LIFT HEAVY WEIGHTS!

Attention All Ladies!
This Just In.. Its Okay To LIFT HEAVY WEIGHTS!

Female Client:            I am not satisfied with the way that I look and want to lose some weight, as soon as possible.  What should I do?
Rich Mejias:                LIFT WEIGHTS
Female Client:            But I don’t want to get big. Shouldn’t I be doing a lot of cardio?
Rich Mejias:                NO, LIFT WEIGHTS
    The typical mindset of the general population, not just women, think that the solution for losing weight is cardio. Some think by spending countless hours on the treadmill, the pounds will simply melt away. Change your way of thinking, because it is WRONG.
    Reason #1: Women do not include weight training in their program for a fear of becoming “bulky”.  Ladies, this is IMPOSSIBLE.  You will never lift enough weight to become the “Incredible Hulk” or have arms like Hulk Hogan.   Choose a lifting program that is based on “Timed Sets” and you will see that you will not only decrease your body fat, by decreasing your body composition, but also completely change the way you look.
    Reason #2: This happens to be my biggest pet peeve when training female clients. "I just don’t want to lift heavy weights."  
This line dumb founds me every time!
    Some Fitness Professionals in the industry have mentioned that women should lift light weights, and complete up to 15 repetitions. My belief is in the opposite direction. I believe in having women lift 8-10 reps or until they reach a level of fatigue, while maintaining correct form.  This will not only increase the amount of lean muscle, but also help boost metabolism.
    So ladies, take it from me and get in the weight room. Take charge of your “Weight Loss Quest”. Include a solid full body routine into your workout and you will not only see the unwanted pounds drop, but it will also get you that much closer to your goal that you have pictured of yourself in your mind of how you want to look. 
    Most males have a primary focus for increasing lean muscle. It can take anywhere from 12-15 months to put on 10 pounds of muscle. In order for this goal to become reality, you must participate in a program that requires lifting a lot of weight with a low number of reps. So, if it takes a male about a year to gain 10 pounds by lifting heavy weights with a low number of reps, why are woman so concerned with their type of workout and associating it with “getting too big”?

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  1. Just wanted to say thank you for posting this! I am definately NOT one of those women who is afraid of lifting heavy! No fear of getting too big, it's a lot of hard work to gain muscle! Doing my best to spread the word and transforming some more cardio queens!