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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Final Quarter of 2011...Its Not Too Late

Today’s date is Monday, October 3rd.
Do you know what that means?

It means that my birthday is only 27 days away, so start shopping now because this is the most important day of the year. Not only that, but it also is the beginning of the final quarter of the 2011 year. This quarter includes Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas/Hanukah, which are all also known as WEIGHT GAIN SEASON. A season that everyone has experienced and probably wishes leaves faster than it comes.

Food will be everywhere, whether it be candy leftovers from Halloween, extra stuffing, pie, cranberry sauce and turkey from Thanksgiving, or the 13 Holiday Parties that you have been invited to. This is a long quarter, full of tempting food that is designed for you to gain weight.

We can not forget to take into account the emotions of the holidays, lack of sleep, and an almost impossible schedule to keep. You are now creating an environment where weight loss is not even an option. At some point, we have to take responsibility for our actions and stop this trend. Doesn’t today sounds like a good time to start?

In order to get through the “Weight Gain Season”, We MUST have a plan. This plan consists of how we are going to handle each and every situation. Now you are probably saying to yourself that you have a plan every year and it just does not work.  Planning on not eating at a party is not a plan, it is a recipe for disaster and I will put my next paycheck on the line that I will find you on the buffet line, not once, not twice, but three times.

Here are a couple of tips that will help you get through the “Weight Gain Season”:

Tip #1
SET REALISTIC GOALS:  Please do not insult me and tell me that you have a holiday party every day in the month of December or that you can eat Thanksgiving Day leftovers for an entire month. Every Sunday, map out what your schedule looks like for the week. Treat each and every appointment just as if it was just as important as a doctor’s appointment. Would you ever miss a doctor’s appointment? Didn’t think so. So don’t miss a day of training or that run that you had planned. Try to stay away from eating out as much. Stay in and cook your own healthy meal. I guarantee you will enjoy it and appreciate it more, and save yourself at least a few hundred calories.

Tip #2
WRITE IT DOWN:  Do not keep your schedule that you made up on Sunday in your head. WRITE IT DOWN and keep a nutrition log of what you consume every day. This includes beverages and food. Research has shown that people that write down what they ate are more successful in losing weight, but more importantly keeping it off compared to people that don’t.
Another great idea is to keep track of your weight. I like my clients to weigh in on Sunday morning, right before they right down their goals for the week. If the client has a great week and loses weight, then guess what? They want to continue the trend, and I guarantee that their schedule will reflect it. If they did not have as successful week as we would have wished…Guess what?  Their schedule will also reflect it. They will push themselves harder to get the results that are wanted.

Tip #3
PARTNER UP:  Trying to loss weight during the Holiday Season is not an easy task and probably not something that should be taken on by yourself. To achieve this goal you are going to need commitment, dedication, and awareness.  Research has shown that people that participate in groups are more successful in their weight loss journey.  Whether it is a nutrition program, semi-private personal training, or just getting a group of friends together that have similar goals, put your group together TODAY.  This will offer a support system during tough times, and can also be the stern voice that is sometimes needed when you start to stray off the path and into a different direction.

Tip #4
WORKOUT, WORKOUT, and WORKOUT:  Now remember, a workout does not compensate for over-eating. (Remember gluttony is one of the seven sins!) If that was the case, we would all workout every day, ate what we had wanted, and looked the way we want. Well, guess what?  That is not happening. Exercise does provide an increase in caloric expenditure, which in turn, allows us to take in more food.  I love to, along with my clients, start the day with one hour of exercise.  This is not only a psychological boost, but exercise is always the first thing thrown out the window when we have a busy schedule. Get it out of the way!!! Treat your workout (like I said before) like a doctor’s appointment. There is no way your are missing a doctor’s appointment.
Lastly, if you don’t know what you are doing, don’t just try and wing it. Ask for help.  I don’t try and attempt to fix my car, I go to a mechanic. I don’t try to do my taxes, I go to an accountant. I don’t try to pick out a suit, I go to my guy at Nordstrom’s (If you don’t have a guy, I highly suggest one) Therefore, if you don’t know what you are doing in regards to exercise, hire a trainer, join a semi-private group training session. Another option is joining a gym and hop into some Group Exercise Classes.

Bottom line is, GET HELP.

These are 4 tips that will not only help you get through the “Weight Gain Season” but will help you through your Weight Loss Journey. This is a journey that most of us travel on but very few are successful. It is now time to change this trend.


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