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Thursday, October 13, 2011

"No Prowler...No Problem"

I feel so lucky to be fortunate enough to be able to co-own a facility that allows me the opportunity to train my clients in a way that would make it very difficult to do in a big box gym. The concrete walls allows for great power training with medicine balls, the open floor design allows for everything from Metabolic Training to sprints, and conditioning with the Prowler or Sled Dog.

If you are not familiar with the benefits of the Prowler or Sled Dog, come see me! It is one of the best tools for conditioning. It gives the ability to build lower and upper body strength and endurance, and can also be used for either pushing or pulling activities. Now, I highly suggest that if you have never gotten your hands on one before to find a gym or trainer that has one, and use it ASAP. Once you have experienced the Prowler or Sled Dog, you will not want to waste any time in purchasing one for your training, and oh yeah! For your clients too!

Now, some of us train or work in a big box concrete gym, or are in a situation where there is no access to these training tools, but still want to get the benefits that it offers. We have a solution! Here are some substitutes for the Prowler/Sled Dog:

1:Hill Sprints
Hill sprints are by far the BEST option. Outside of Leverage Training Center, we have a steep driveway that is about 100 yards. As long as the weather permits, our clients spend some time getting very familiar with this driveway at the end of each session. We use it to improve conditioning and power. This is not only a great option for our athletes, but also for our general population.

Take advantage of being outside! Another great option would be to go to a local high school or building and hit the stairs. This is definitely something that your legs will hate you for the next day, but secretly love. When I was in college, I visited Wake Forest University to visit a friend. He brought me into their football stadium for a sick lower body workout. No joke, our workout was to hit every, YES I SAID EVERY, step in the stadium. Not only does this work on leg strength and conditioning, but also balance. Make sure you drink your coffee before this workout, because you will want to be at your best. Make sure you pay attention and take caution, because before you know it, you may trip and fall flat on your face. Doesn't look good when you are trying to compete with someone or yourself.

3.300 Yard Shuttles or Suicides
    As a Strength and Conditioning Coach, I have noticed that most college teams ask their athletes to perform some form of the 300 yard shuttle during their mandatory fitness test. The 300-yard shuttle can be done in many different increments (30 yard, 50 yard, and 100 yard) and is always timed. What I usually like to do is to either decrease the finish time that the shuttle has to be completed in or decrease the rest period in between sets. This is a great option for any athlete that is looking to improve his 40 or 60 times or a person that is looking for weight loss.

 This is another option, and an option that everyone has probably done at some point in their life, whether it be in gym class or for any competitive team. Again, looking at the variables for distance, time of completion, and time of rest that can be altered according to the client. Please remember that the entire variable is dependent on the level of your client.

Now, lets get things straight. I love the Prowler/Sled Dog, but as great as it is, it can also be overused. Your client has hired you to not only help them reach all of their fitness goals, but to also keep training fresh and exciting.

Now, we have talked about how great the Prowler/Sled Dog is and have given you options as to what you can do if you don’t own one, but now it is time to do work. Don’t prescribe something to your clients until you have done it a minimum of 50 times.
50 times. 
Own it before your prescribe it.

With that said…

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